Creation by : Chef Jérôme Landrieu

Chef Jerome Landrieu,

Cacao Barry Chef and Head at the Chocolate Academy in Chicago, USA.

Born in south of France, he moved to the US to become rapidly a creative influencer 

and renowed as one of the best Pastry Chef in North America.

Yield: 12 pieces.



Ingredient                 Weight (g)
Cream                             79.3
Sobacha                        9.4
Granulated sugar 39.6
Glucose DE 40 19.8
Baking soda0.2
Fleur de sel 2
Granulated sugar 64.5
Cacao Barry Ghana 40% milk chocolate 29.9
Total 270

1. Infuse sobacha in the hot cream for 20 minutes.

2. Strain and rescale the cream.

3. Add first amount of sugar, glucose, baking soda, & fleur de sel. Keep hot for deglazing

4. Caramelize the second amount of sugar.

5. Deglaze with previous mix.

6. Cook to 106°C.

7. Pour over chocolate & butter.

8. Burr mix.

9. Chill.





Ingredient Weight (g)
Hazelnut flour, toasted 125
Powdered sugar 39 
All-purpose flour 39 
Egg whites    148.5 
Inverted sugar 148.5 
Total 500

1. Toast the hazelnut flour at 160°C for 13 minutes then cool it down.

2. Mix all the dries in the Robot Coupe.

3. Whip the egg whites & inverted sugar to make a meringue.

4. Fold the powders into the meringue.

5. Spread into half sheet flexi.

6. Bake at 170°C for 10 to 12 minutes.


Ingredient Weight (g)
All-purpose flour 125.1
 Hazelnut flour, toasted23.7
 Powdered sugar 23.7
Granulated sugar 25.7
Fleur de sel0.3
Whole eggs 20.3

1. Mix the butter & flour in the Robot Coupe.

2. Add the dry ingredients.

3. Add the eggs.

4. Sheet to 2.5mm. Freeze.

5. Cut 8cm circles.

6. Bake at 160°C.




Ingredient Weight (g)
Sobacha Caramel, from above  129.5
Gelatin mass (6x)23.9
Water 31.3
Granulated sugar 9.5
Egg yolks 40.9
Whipped cream 194.9
 Total 430

1. Melt the gelatin mass and mix with the caramel.

2. Boil the water & sugar. Pour over the yolks.

3. Cook over a bain marie to 85°C.

4. Whip as a pate a bomb.

5. Fold together with the caramel.

6. Fold in the whipped cream.

7. Cast 25g per cavity.

8. Freeze.




Ingredient Weight (g)
Milk 242.2
Cream 61.2
Granulated sugar 12.2
Pectin NH2
Egg yolks 61.2
 Cacao Barry Alunga 41% milk chocolate171.3
 Total 550

1. Simmer the milk & cream.

2. Add the sugar & pectin mixed together.

3. Temper in the yolks.

4. Cook to 85°C.

5. Pour over the chocolate. Burr mix.

6. Cast 40g per cavity, add sponge/caramel.

7. Freeze.




Ingredient Weight (g)
Water 57.8
Granulated sugar 17.9
Glucose DE 40 55.8
 Cacao Barry Fleur de Cao 70% dark chocolate 140.6
 Cacao Barry Gianduja Plaisir Lait350.9
Grapeseed oil49.9
Red food color as needed 
Total 1,000

1. Simmer water & sugar.

2. Add cream & glucose, and simmer again.

3. Pour over chocolate & gianduja. Burr mix.

4. Add oil & color, and burr mix again.

5. Chill overnight.

6. Use at 35°C.




1. Cut 8cm rounds from the Hazelnut Pate Sable. Bake at 160°C.

2. Cut 6.5cm rounds of the Hazelnut Sponge.

3. Pipe 9g Sobacha Caramel per sponge, and freeze.

4. Cast Alunga Cremuex into Pavoni Flexi (PX4334), 40g per cavity. Add the sponge/caramel, and freeze.

5. Cast Sobacha Caramel Mousseux into Silicomart flext (SF243), 25g per cavity, and freeze. Spray the frozen Mousseux with 60/40 milk chocolate sauce.

6. Glaze the Alunga Cremeux with Fleur de Cao Glaze. Place the sprayed Mousseux on top. Place on the Sable. Garnish with toasted hazelnuts & gold leaf.

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