By Francesco Boccia, World Champion of Pastry, 2015

Caramel and Strawberry Glaze

Glucose Syrup 42DE                    274g

Sugar                                              330g

Strawberry puree                         250g

Tahitian Vanilla Bean                1 piece

Chocolate Couverture Milk 38%   95g

Gelatin 120 Bloom                          20g

Water for Gelatin                          100g

Red Hydro soluble Coloring             5g

Mix the gelatin with water. Bring the sugar and glucose to a boil and make a caramel at 180ºC.Heat the strawberry puree with the vanilla pulp, and pour it into the Caramel. Transfer the mixture into a different bowl and add the chocolate, the red coloring, and the gelatin. Mix the glaze for at least 2 minute with a hand mixer. Strain it, cling it and let it cool in Blast Chiller. Use it at 30-32 ºC.


Yogurt and Strawberry Mousse

Gelatin 120 Bloom      35g

Cream 35% Fat          1000g

Caster Sugar                180g

Light Yogurt                 500g

Powdered Yogurt         15g

Strawberry Puree       400g

Strawberry Jam           200g

Water for Gelatin        175g

Hydrate the Gelatin in water. Mix the strawberry puree, and the jam, and heat to 40 ºC, and melt in it the sugar. Mix 1/3 of the mixture to the previously heated gelatin (in microwave). Add in the rest (2/3) of the mixture.

Mix the Light yogurt to the Yogurt powder, and whisk in the fruits and gelatin mixture. When the mixture reaches the temperature of 30 ºC, fold the slightly whipped cream to lighten the mixture. Use right away.


Clementine Sauce

Water                       100g

Caster Sugar            100g

Lemon Juice              15g

Clementine Juice    100g

Clementine zests        2g

Bring to a boil the water and sugar. Let it cool, and add the clementine zest, the clementine Juice and the lemon Juice


Clementine Coulis

Clementine Pulp      180g

Sugar                           80g

Gelatin                          4g

Water for gelatin      20g

Clementine zestccc     2g


Hydrate the gelatin with water. Heat to 40 ºC, the clementine pulp, add the grated peel, and melt in the sugar. Mix 1/3 of it to the gelatin, previously heated in the microwave. And fold in the remaining 2/3.



Eggs                       600g

Egg Yolks                75g

Sugar                     450g

Flour                      400g

Potato Starch         75g

Clementine zest       2g


Whip the eggs, the yolks with the sugar and the clementine zest. Sift together the flour and potato starch twice, till they are perfectly blended. When the eggs are ready, stop the mixer, and gently fold in the powders, by mixing them with a spatula. Spread the batter into 6mm high chablons and let it bake for 9 mm at 200 ºC.


Sable Base

Flour                            1000g

Eggs                               200g

Baking Powder                 5g

Butter                            500g

Confectionery Sugar        450g

Salt                                     5g

Vanilla Bean              1 piece

Clementine zest               2g

In a mixer mixing bowl, whisk the butter, sugar and clementine zest. Mix the salt, the vanilla bean pulp into the eggs. Fold the egg mixture slowly into the first mixture, and mix to get a uniform mix.

Fold in then, the flour previously sifted with the baking powder. Mix again to get a homogeneous batter. Set aside to cool in refrigerator for 12h, wrapped with a plastic film.

The following day, Spread the dough in a 3mm layer, and cut out squares 1cm smaller than the Silikomart BUBBLE Mold width. Bake for 20-25mn at 160-170 ºC.




Make an insert of 170 x 170mm with the Pate Sable, and a thin layer (4mm) of Clementine Coulis. Blast freeze, and add on it a thin layer of Clementine Genoise previously soaked in the clementine Sauce.

Leave in the Blast freezer, till everything get frozen. Pour a layer of the strawberry Mousse, into the BUBBLE Mold, and insert the previous frozen insert, leaving the side of the genoise touching the mousse. Put back to the Blast Chiller at -18 ºC, unmold,  and spray with melted colored cocoa butter (at 30 ºC).

Preheat the strawberry glaze at 30 ºC, and pipe in small bits in between the Bubbles cavities.

Serve at 4 ºC.





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