Revealing the power of colors

The Elegance concept is born out of simple observation. Colors have incredible power. They arouse your senses and stimulate your imagination. They represent a true call for savoring the moment and evoking sensations that immediately offer a range of mouthwatering flavors.

In addition to sensorial emotions, colors need to be true to reality as well as unique.

So down with predictable colors! Pastry Chef’s Boutique has devoted itself to the design of a new palette of colors and shades aimed at increasing pastry chefs’ desires and creative possibilities.

This extensive palette of 58 refined colors distinguishes themselves by their purity and realism. Their total beauty aims at making every pastry creation incredibly appetizing.

Elegance Collection
Elegance Collection
Elegance Collection

A French inspiration

French pastry has always been a source of inspiration for Pastry Chef’s Boutique. As an emblematic French pastry, the macaroon has been at the heart in creating this inspiring color palette.

Elegance offers this 58-color range designed to enhance the visual and gustatory power of macarons.

In order to respond to the needs and creativity of Chefs who have put their trust in Pastry Chef’s Boutique for years, Elegance Collection has been jointly developed with Pastry Chefs in an effort to keep up with new trends. Thus, Elegance Collection perfectly embodies the French art de vivre and way of life.

The fruit of an extensive and creative research...

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that the Pastry Chef’s Boutique research team has been mobilized for a year to create and develop this unique color range that aims at offering endless creative possibilities to pastry Chefs.

« Elegance Collection is the result of continuous exchanges developed over the recent years with these pastry chefs and artists, with whom we have had the pleasure and honor to accompany on a daily basis. We hope that this unique color range will increase their creativity tenfold». Elegance can also be applied to a wide range of pastry applications such as meringues, madeleines and other gourmet delights. Elegance can be used in any sugar application and candy product development as well.

Creativity has no limits

Each of the 58 colors included in the Elegance palette, can be rendered in various intensities; from the pastel forms, to richer and brighter tones, depending on the powder concentration and the color result desired by the pastry Chefs. Like an alchemist, each Chef can create his personal and unique palette on the basis of his own dosages and color selection.

In total, this line has the potential to offer over 150 colors, shades and nuances and an infinity of creative possibilities...

Elegance Collection
Elegance Collection
Elegance Collection

As many colors as flavors…

Authentic, fruity, traditional, joyful or sophisticated, each color embodies a very specific flavor. Each has an evocative name that will certainly inspire new creations in taste.

Some names are inspired by the French art de vivre (Rosé Champagne, French Bordeaux, Café au Lait, French Lavender), some bring exotism (Tropicana Punch, ), travel and international gastronomy (Tuscan Olive Oil, Crème brûlée, Grand Cru Chocolat) or childhood and festive moments (Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy).

Some names reflect established authentic flavors (Passion Fruit, Sea Salt Caramel, Sicilian Pistachio or Rose Lychee) while others are rooted in a more US tradition (carrot cake, Cinnamon Swirl, Pecan Pie or Mint Chip).

What about you? Do your preferences lean towards Blueberry Cheesecake or Praline Hazelnut?

Designer Colors that are Ready for use...

Beyond being an instrument for stimulating their creativity, Élégance collection has been designed to help pastry Chefs save their precious time by offering them the guarantee of precise and constant results. No more unpleasant surprises and tedious and unprecise blends! Each color is ready for use and totally baking resistant while remaining consistent.

Pastry Chefs can therefore fully and confidently devote themselves to their art with the assurance of a color quality never equaled.

Elegance Collection

So chic...

To enhance each color, Élégance is presented in little pots offering a simple, chic and refined design. In view of proper assortments, each label presents the color definition, as well as the name of the flavor it inspires.

Elegance Collection