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Our pastry collection has an extensive line of world-class professional products from pastry and ice cream molds, disposable and metal bakeware, pastry tools, rings, and cutting equipment to cake decorating tools, spray and glazing equipment, baking liners and mats, and much more.

  • Galette des Rois Charms

    Explore our exquisite collection of Galette des Rois charms, meticulously crafted in France for a premium touch. Each charm embodies unique symbolism, imparting joy and delight to those who discover them nestled within their slice of galette. Elevate your celebrations with these elegant and authentic charms, adding a touch of French craftsmanship to your festivities.

  • Galettes Bags and Crowns

    Immerse yourself in elegance with our Galette Bags and Crowns, expertly crafted for a touch of sophistication. Made with precision and care, our bags ensure your galettes are transported with style and grace. Adorned with exquisite crowns, each piece adds regal charm to your Galette des Rois tradition. Elevate your celebrations with these premium accessories, perfect for indulging in the rich flavors and festive spirit of the occasion.

  • Charms Displays

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Galette des Rois with our Charms Displays, meticulously designed to showcase the magic of tradition. Crafted with elegance and attention to detail, our displays beautifully present each charm, inviting guests to partake in the joy of discovery. Elevate your festivities with these exquisite displays, perfect for adding an element of wonder and excitement to your Galette des Rois celebrations.

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